RCBS Shell Holder #43 99243

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RCBS Single Stage shell holders are built from hardened steel and designed to properly align the case with the reloading die in single-stage and turret presses. They’re sized to fit specific case heads and capture 0.125 inch of the case head for proper SAAMI headspacing.

  • 300 Winchester Short Magnum
  • 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum
  • 7mm Winchester Short Magnum
  • 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum
  • 25 Winchester Super Short Magnum
  • 270 Winchester Short Magnum
  • 325 Winchester Short Magnum
  • RCBS shell holders are built for Single Stage and Turrets Presses.
  • RCBS shell holders are manufactured to exacting tolerances.
  • RCBS shell holders are hardened for years of use.
  • RCBS shell holders ensure proper alignment between the cartridge and die.
  • The Shell holders are cut to .125" depth for proper headspacing.
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