Plano Double-Sided Satchel 395210

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Featuring LockJaw™ latches that wrap around the case for a secure closure, this double-sided, double-cover organizer offers 30-104 customizable compartments.


When you choose the LockJaw™ Double Satchel, your lures and accessories will be safe and sound, thanks to LockJaw™ latches that wrap around the case for an extra-secure closure. It features a double-sided, double-cover organizer with the ability to customize 30-104 compartments, and a large bulk storage compartment.


  • Double-sided, double-cover organizer
  • Retractable handle
  • Creates 30-104 adjustable compartments
  • LockJaw™ latches wrap around case for an extra-secure closure
  • Length 14.5 & Height 6.63
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