Vortex Objective 44 Defender Flip Cap O-44

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 Vortex Optics Defender Flip Caps

  • Virtually indestructible, the Defender is the most versatile and durable flip cap on the market, this is the last flip cap you'll ever need.
  • A stainless steel spring flips the cap into multiple stop positions at 45 degrees and 90 degrees.
  • Outside diameter: 48-53 mm 1.89-2.08 inches
  • Objective-44 Fits: PST-3158, PST-3155, PST-3151, VHS-4305-LR, VHS-4302, VHS-4303, VHS-4304, VHS-4305, VHS-4308, VHS-4309, DBK-10019, DBK-10015, CF2-31013, CF2-31015, CF2-31029, CF2-31031, CF2-31033, CPH-412
  • Made in the USA
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