VMC Tumbler Spoon 1/8 oz. TMS18

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Unique “knuckle” bend for a slow tumbling action

Small metallic attractor blade adds flash and sound

UV Bright Finish reflects more light energy, strengthening the lures’ visibility

Ultra Glow models glow for up to 15 minutes

The VMC® Tumbler Spoon is the ultimate one-two punch lure. It’s unique “knuckle” bend offers a slow tumbling action for those finicky biters or when a subtle action spoon is critical to matching the behavior of neutral to negative fish. The knock-out blow is the addition of the small metallic attractor blade which adds additional flash and sound when coming in contact with the spoon and hook. Holographic Ultra Glow colors lasting up to 15 minutes, UV finishes, natural baitfish patterns, and holographic eye match the hatch to any fishing condition either on open water or under the frozen tundra!

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