Pro Shot 5.56 Multi-Cam Cleaning Kit Multi-Cam-5.56

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5.56mm/.223 Cal. AR15/M4/M16 Multi-Cam Pouch Kit

Pro-Shot Defense M/LE Kit    AR-15/M4/M16   5.56mm/ .223 Cal. Multi-Cam Pouch Kit

Made in the USA/ Berry Compliant    *Master Proven in Extreme Battle & Field Conditions 


  • (5) Pro-Tuff Coated Cleaning Rods
  • Locking Swivel T-Handle (Pat. Pending)
  • Bronze Bristle Bore Brush
  • AR Style Chamber Brush
  • AR Style Chamber Mop
  • Bore Obstruction Remover
  • Brass Patch Holder
  • Spear Tip Brass Jag
  • Original J Chamber Flag Bore Light
  • Gas Tube Cleaners
  • Double Ended All Purpose Nylon Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Step CLP 1 fl. oz. Needle Oiler
  • Cotton Flannel Patches
  • Yellow Cotton Flannel Wipe Cloth

Everything you need to clean your rifle in a compact multi-cam molle case for efficient and convenient storage.

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