Leupold STD 30MM Med Matte Rings 49956

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 Leupold Standard Ring, 30MM High, Matte Finish

This Leupold Standard, fits 30mm diameter main scope tube, medium height, Matte Finish. It is designed to match up with STD 1-Piece and STD 2-Piece Base.

 Although, it comes in five different ring heights, most hunters and shooters wisely opt for rings that position the scope as low as possible. Leupold STD Extension Ring Sets provides an additional 5/8" of additional ring spacing adjustment, to shorten or lengthen the ring spacing on rifles.

 Extension rings from Leupold that mount on the front of STD and QR bases are available for 1-inch, 26mm (QR only), and 30mm maintubes. The LR/T scopes feature long range accuracy for tactical and competitive shooting.

 A large selection of reticle including the illuminated reticles make finding the LR/T scope that's right for you very easy. The LR/T also has Leupold's Matched Index System for up to 98% light transmission.


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