Hornady One Shot 10oz Spray Lube

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Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner with Dyna Glide Plus 10 Oz Aerosol Can

Hornady One Shot gun cleaner and dry lube is a cleaner and lubricant all in one. First it cleans gunk, grime, and from firearms with the greatest of ease. With it's odorless application it can used in areas without the greatest ventilation. It can also be useful around the reloading bench when trying to clean your loaders and loading tools. Hornady One Shot leaves behind a thin dry lube that is impervious to heat, cold and buildup. DynaGlide Dry film is a substantial leap forward in protective film. DynaGlide Dry film reduces gunk and residue build up that we lubricants contribute to including all weather and temperature extremes. It also helps prevent corrosion and rust conditions which often other wet lubricants can actually help promote.

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