Hornady 50Cal 300G Flex BP Bullet

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Hornady FPB Bullets - .50 Caliber - 300 grain

Hornady FPB Bullets

Not only is the new FPB® Bullets from Hornady® clean and convenient, it's extremely accurate. Engineered and tested to work flawlessly in all 50 caliber muzzleloaders, FPB bullets features Hornady's Flex Tip® technology for a very streamlined and very durable meplat that maximizes exterior ballistics. The flexible elastomer tip compresses into the nose of the bullet upon impact at impact velocities from 800 to 2000+ fps for violent expansion and high transfer of energy to the target for clean kills.  Its copper jacket and specially engineered profile eliminate bullet/sabot fouling and the need for a plastic skirt. 50 caliber. 15 bullets a box.

  • High performance .50 caliber muzzleloader bullets
  • Flex Tip® technology - elastomer tip creates violent expansion and high transfer of energy
  • Copper jacket
  • Durable meplat - maximizes exterior ballistics
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