Hornady 264 147GR ELD Bullet

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6.5mm .264 Diameter 147 Grain ELD Match 100 Count

6.5mm .264 147 Grain ELD Match 100 Count. The 6.5mm .264 147 Grain ELD Match 100 Count by Hornady ELD (Extremely Low Drag Match) bullets are specifically designed with polymer Heat Shield tips that, combined with numerous design features, deliver exceptional ballistic coefficients, excellent accuracy and improved consistency. The advanced design allows for better bullet lot to lot and batch to batch consistency. The ELD bullets are industry leaders for their ballistic design and ensure no BC variation due to the integrity of the Heat Shield tip.


The 6.5mm .264 147 Grain ELD Match 100 Count eliminate aerodynamic heating is eliminated with the polymer Heat Shield tip. Highly concentric AMP jackets, an optimized boattail design and the Heat Shield tip provide supremely accurate and high ballistic coefficient match grade bullet. This will enhance accuracy up to, and beyond 400 yards

Specifications and Features:

  • Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .697

  • Ballistic Coefficient (G7) .351

  • Sectional Density .301
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