Evolve Habitats Dirt Bag Camo Corn 20725

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Most hunters agree deer love corn. The problem is using corn as an attractant can be inconvenient and heavy to haul into your hunting location. It often leaves a yellow brick road behind that could lead hunters right to your favorite hunting spot. Dirt Bag™ Camo Corn™ is the solution! Real shelled corn is pulverized into a fine powder that's blended and colored into an ultra-concentrated super corn mixture. Not only does it add vital nutrients to deer's diets, it also camouflages to make sure no one finds that trophy buck but you. Looks like dirt " attracts like crazy!

Ultra-concentrated real corn blend

Distributes 200% more scent molecules than granular shelled corn

High fat and protein content

Supplements overall herd's health

Dark color to resemble dirt

Conceal your attractant piles from other hunters

Pulverized corn for ease of use

Easy application; Just pour on the ground

Highly palatable

Additional food source for deer in late season

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