EGW Browning AB3 Long Action Picatinny Rail 20 MOA 43402

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Mounting Hardware is Included

This mount fits:
Browning AB3 Long Action

Please check your screw diameter. Regular Browning A-Bolts come with #6 screws. Browning AB3s come with #8 screws. This product is designed for the AB3 NOT the standard A-Bolt and A-Bolt 2. We do offer a mount for the A-Bolt. The part number for that is 43100 for a 0 MOA and 43102 for a 20 MOA.

This mount comes standard with a bevel on both sides making it ambidextrous.

We recommend measuring the hole spacing in your receiver to confirm it matches with the dimensions we have published.

Picatinny cross slots run the full length of the rail, which gives the shooter flexibility when mounting scope rings and other accessories. The channel in the center reduces the overall mass of the mount. Also, in many cases, it will not obstruct usage of factory iron sights. Our one-piece scope mounts are the obvious choice for hunters and tactical shooters alike.

We machine these in our shop using one of our machining centers. After machining, the mounts are tumbled, sand blasted, and Type II anodized for long lasting durability.

Installation: We recommend 20 inch lbs of torque and a drip of blue loctite (loctite is available through our website and is sold separately).

We recommend:
0 MOA - if shooting 0-500 yards
20 MOA - if shooting 500-1000 yards

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