Easton ARROW Axis 2" Blazer vanes 300 Spine

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A favorite choice for serious bowhunters looking for deep-penetrating big game performance. The Easton Axis carbon arrows deliver the extreme penetration of micro-diameter carbon, while Hidden Insert Technology aligns broadheads for tighter groups. The Axis arrows have a micro-smooth finish making them a dream to pull out of 3D targets. With the X diameter arrow you will get up to 24% more Kinetic Energy then a standard arrow and dramatically reduces wind drift. Smaller diameter is the way to go if your looking for the ultimate performance for a hunting arrow. With the wide selection of spines you can find the perfect arrow to cater for your hunting needs. Half Dozen Delivers more accuracy than any other broadhead insert. Provides full contact between broadhead shank and shaft wall for added strength and tighter groups. Uses ultra-small diameter arrow shafts to deliver more kinetic energy and penetration power. Features easy, precise installation. Patent-pending inserts

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