Crosstac BFB Front Shooting Bag, Multi Cam 110050-MC-UL

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The Ultralight BFB Bag weighs a mere 0.52 lbs vs. the standard version at 12 to 13 lbs.  Huge difference in weight, with no difference in function.  Now super light !

The BFB (Big Front Bag) is our largest shooting rest bag, yet it is still easy to transport. It is designed to be the proper height for any bench shooting or optic support. The pyramid shape prevents tipping under recoil. It's a much smarter design vs. the rectangular shapes out there that tip over. Non-skid base prevents moving around on the bench. 1000-denier material = tough. It's also tall enough... you don't need to stick a phone book under it to get it to the right height.

Super light fill is similar to bean bag fill, but smaller diameter beads for a better feel.  Feel and use is virtually identical to the original bag, just lighter.  Really a great option for this bag, just not as rock-solid stable by itself due to the lighter weight.

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