Buck Knives 660 Folding Pursuit Large Guthook Knife 0660GRG

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A multi-purpose alternative to traditional hunting knives, the Pursuit Series fills the need for a mild-range hunting knife designed from the beginner to the experienced, serious hunter. Added detail was put into the design creating a comforable, non-slip profile, and strong lockbback dependable blades. Designed for excellent performance, the Folding Pursuit Large Guthook knife is a perfect field option.


Lockback folding knives have a mechanism that lock the blade in the open position, activated by opening the blade all the way. A lock back gets its name from a rocker (rocking lock bar) partially visible on top of the knife. Opening the blade causes the rocker to lock against the blade so it locks open. Pushing down on the rocker on top of the handle releses it and enables the user to close the blade. Lockbacks require two hand closing, though some are one hand openers.

Made in the USA

At Buck, we are proud that this knife is made in the USA. The materials and workmanship involved in creating your knife will be done with the utmost care and will be free of defects.

Paul Bos Heat Treat

We are known for our blades. Buck knives is a market leader in edge retention thanks to our steel selections nd heat process pioneered by industry famous, Paul Bos, whos heat treating system has proven to be the best in the business. Each blade is put through a rigorous heat treat process and quality performance test. It is then tempered to the appropriate Rockwell Hardness through a geating freezing, and reheating. This gives you longer edge life, ease of resharpening, and a blade that will not fail you.

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