Bog Spotting Scope Adapter Window Mount 735561

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The BOG™ Spotting Scope Adapter clamps securely to a vehicle window to provide a steady viewing platform. The adjustment handle allows the adapter to glide smoothly and can be locked down securely. The clamp is wide enough to attach to tree stands, in box blind windows, and on security bars up to 1” thick. The rotating head has the BOG™ Switcheroo® System incorporated so it can easily be installed to any BOG™ Tripod.



  • 2 piece design allows you to put a USR on the clamp base or mount the 2 Way head to any BOG® tripod
  • Accessory plate is 1 5/8" x 2" in size, fits most common camera mounts
  • 3/16-24 and 1/4-20 thread bushings
  • Can be mounted on SCA or PCA accessory
  • Includes weather resistant carry bag with allen wrench for adjustments
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