Berger 6.5MM 130Gr VLD Target Bullet 26403

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BERGER 26403 6.5MM 130GR VLD TARGET 100 CT.

The Berger VLD Target Bullet is one of the flattest shooting bullets on the market today. Emulated by all others, the VLD Target bullet incoporates a secant ogive design which allows the bullet to experience less drag as it travels to the target. This reduced drag is why the VLD shoots flatter, experiences less wind-drift, and has a higher retained velocity than all others. A favorite load technique for the VLDs is touching the rifling for single-shot applications, although some rifles may prefer as much as .150" from the rifling. Berger VLD Target Bullets are extremely popular for competitive long range applications. Built with highly consistent J4 Precision Bullet jacket, most favored by custom bullet makers.

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