Badlands MAG Rangefinder Case 21-36157

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Pull it, range it, secure it. Pull it, range it, secure it. Pull it, range it, secure it. Once you start, it seems like you’re reaching for your rangefinder constantly. Badlands has a way to make it easier: the Mag Rangefinder Case. Its magnetic, Zip-No™ closure is dust-proof and watertight, opens easy, closes silently, and has no buckles or zips to wrangle. The tether keeps your rangefinder where it belongs — with you — and ready every time you need it.

  • Zip-No Magnetic Technology
  • Attaches to Anything
  • Integrated Rangefinder Tether
  • Quick-Clip Universal Attachment
  • C6 DWR
  • Badlands' KXO-32 Fabric
  • Aramid Bartacking
  • Bino Connect Compatible (requires optional Bino Connect Kit)
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