ATN Pro Long-Range Infrared Illuminator ACMUIR85PR

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Enhance the visibility and range provided by your night vision device with the ATN IR850 Pro Long-Range Infrared Illuminator. This powerful LED illuminator can dramatically increase visibility in ultra-low light conditions or total darkness and produces 850mW of output power. It emits at 850nm and features an aspherical lens design for better beam management at longer ranges. The included adjustable mount also provides a mounting option to Picatinny/Weaver rails and has two-axis adjustments for aligning it with you line of sight.

For durability, the housing is crafted from lightweight and durable aluminum alloy and covered with an anti-scratch hard anodized finish. It is waterproof, rated IPX8, and has a protective crenellated bezel around the lens. Thanks to the flashlight-style design it also can be used as a handheld device and has a removable hexagonal anti-roll grip ring.

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