ATN 4-16x BinoXS-HD Digital Binocular DGBNBNHDX2

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ATN's 4-16x BinoXS-HD Digital Binocular is packed with a suite of features that will make this your go-to optic when you're out on the trail. Two digital zoom modes provide 4-16x or 4-40x magnifications, and gyroscopic image stabilization keeps the image steady especially at higher power. Its purpose-built computer digitizes the scenery and shows the view on an internal display in 1080p. A low-light sensitive sensor enables the optic to be used day or night, and a built-in IR illuminator provides supplemental illumination in extreme low-light conditions to make this a truly 24/7 tool. The focusable IR beam can be set to a wide flood for illuminating a large area or a tight spot to maximize the illumination distance.


The BinoXS-HD can capture 1080p still images or video at 30 fps and saves them to an on-board microSD card slot. A micro-HDMI output lets you display the captured photos or video to a computer or TV for playback and storage. An easier way to share images is to use the built-in Wi-fi. Connect the binocular to any iOS device running the free Obsidian app and stream the current view, save images to the device, and instantly post them on social media, message them, or email them to friends and family.

A built-in GPS antenna enables geo-tagging your photos or video so you can map where every image was taken. The GPS system will also log your altitude and speed so you'll know if you'll make your next waypoint on-time or if you need to pick up your pace. Use the in-view digital compass to help stay on-course. Complementing the compass and GPS is an inclinometer function that calculates the angle that the binocular is being held at so you'll know just how steep your climb is going to be.

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